Discover a world of refined taste

Discover a world of refined taste and sophisticated culture in the Infinity des Lumiѐres boutique, featuring a curated selection of prestigious art-inspired design and cultural brands that are unique, innovative and carefully selected to reflect your style and ours.

Explore an exciting collection

Our exclusive store carries an exceptional collection that embodies the Infinity des Lumiѐres essence of seamlessly fusing iconic masterpieces, contemporary art, and innovation in technology and design.

An immersive experience in its own right

After experiencing the infinitely imaginative exhibitions immerse yourself in the world of infinitely fascinating, exclusive brands, such as delicate Freywille jewelry, inspirational Ligne blanche porcelain, artistic Umasqu masks, innovative Lumio lamps, wondrous globes and luxurious Assouline books

Take the wonder of Infinity des Lumiѐres with you!

Our boutique is the perfect place to browse and discover - whether you’re looking to capture a special Infinity des Lumiѐres moment and take it home with you, or you’re searching for a refined present that will inspire and amaze.