Boutique - LIGHTING

Lumio, LLC

Lumio Lito Lamp Maple

When closed, Lito is a lamp concealed as a handsomely crafted, hard-cover book. Open it and it transforms into a sculptural light, radiating a warm glow.

1250.00 AED

Levitating Moon

Levitating Moon Lamp

Place the ambient celestial piece in your bedroom or in the living room – there's no need to venture out on those particularly chilly evenings to appreciate the beauty of sky anymore.

955.00 AED

Papa Maria B.V.

Miffy Star Light Large

Dimmable Mood Lighting, She brings design to kids rooms and the enjoyment of nostalgia to adults.

900.00 AED

Papa Maria B.V.

Miffy First Light Small

Miffy First Light is made of soft silicone and shines a comforting, soft light. Her familiar face of simplicity is there to ensure a cozy sleep.

470.00 AED