Beaver Pencil Sharpener by Alessi

Since Beavers like to eat wood, Alessi puts them to work as a pencil sharpener.

325.00 AED

Cork Rocket Desk Tidy

Classic and iconic rocket design made from cork. Stash your pens and declutter your desk space. Pin notes, pictures, or simply store pins on the outside.

141.00 AED

Pop Up Pencil Case Space

The pencil case is a real eye-catcher for all creative astronauts. Ready for take-off!

120.00 AED

Moon Walk Erasers

Satisfy your love of space and stationery with a space walking astronaut tethered to his craft by a silver pencil.

53.00 AED

Space Shuttle Stationery

The pen and pencils dock neatly into the eraser allowing you to easily pack up and fly around.

53.00 AED